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summary of recent activity

The first 6 months… The main activity over the first 6 months of the ShakeIt project addressed the following areas: i) to set up the project infrastructure, ii) to hold an internal workshop for all collaborators on the project, and iii) to design, conduct and report on the results of the first psychological experiment. Development […]

Conference calls

Here are lists of scientific conference calls and journal calls updated by our friends at MTG Feel free to add some more

Effects of metrical levels on groove ratings and beat perception

This is in part a replication of the synchronisation to isochronous sequences with faster metrical level performed in the Spring of 2010. It comprised 9 levels of IOI (524-3126 ms) and 4 levels of metrical levels (1, 2, 3, and 4), that is 36 conditions (which means that the shortest interval in any sequence is […]