Max/MSP applications and utilities

All applications and externals are cross platform (Mac OS and Windows). The zip files contain both versions.
This page is going to be updated with new versions of the files and new applications regularly as we develop our software constantly.
So, bookmark it and check back soon!

kinetic toolbox V 1.0

A complete set of all our Max/MSP applications, externals and abstractions. [315 KB]


A novel Max/MSP application for automatically generating rhythms in real time in a certain meter. The generated rhythms are “generic” in the sense that they are characteristic of each time signature without belonging to a specific musical style. The application is based on a stochastic model in which various aspects and qualities of the generated rhythm can be controlled intuitively and in real time. During a performance with the kin.rhythmicator, the user can control the density of the generated events per bar, the amount of variation in generation, the amount of syncopation, the metrical strength, and of course the meter itself, through descriptive and intuitive graphic controls. [181 KB]


A Max/MSP based application for recombining in real time MIDI drum loops. The application’s power lies in a novel analysis of the drum loops which sorts them in increasing order of complexity prior to utilizing them in the recombination algorithm. This way, the user can effectively control during performance the complexity and variation in the resulted rhythm. [205 KB]

kinetic toolbox V 1.0 for PD

Part of the utilities developed by our group ported for Pure Data.
KineticToolboxForPDv1.0 [96 KB]