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Year: 2018
Year: 2018
[8] An Instrumented Glove for Control Audiovisual Elements in Performing Arts (R. Tavares, H. Mesquita, R. Penha, P. Abreu, M.T. Restivo), In International Journal of Online Engineering, volume 14, 2018. [bib]
[7] A generative model for the characterization of musical rhythms (G. Sioros, M. Davies, C. Guedes), In Journal of New Music Research, volume 47, 2018. [bib] [doi]
[6] MUSIKVERB: a harmonically adaptive audio reverberation (J. Pereira, G. Bernardes, R. Penha), In Proceedings of DAFx-18, 2018. (To appear) [bib]
[5] Will machinic art lay outside of our ability to understand it? (R. Penha, M. Carvalhais), In Proceedings of the 24th International Symposium on Electronic Art, 2018. (To appear) [bib]
[4] High frequency magnitude spectrogram reconstruction for music mixtures using convolutional autoencoders (M. Miron, M. Davies), In Proceedings of DAFx-18, 2018. (To appear) [bib]
[3] MixMash: A Visualisation System for Musical Mashup Creation (C. Maçãs, A. Rodrigues, P. Machado, G. Bernardes), In Proceedings of the Information Visualisation Conference, 2018. (To appear) [bib]
[2] The Sound Morphing Toolbox (M. Caetano), In Proceedings of Timbre 2018: Timbre Is a Many-Splendored Thing, 2018. (To appear) [bib]
[1] Bio-Sensing in Interactive Art: A User Centered Taxonomy (L. Aly, R. Penha, G Bernardes), Chapter in Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games, Springer International Publishing, 2018. [bib]
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