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Publications in SMCGroupBiblio.bib - page 7
Publications in SMCGroupBiblio.bib - page 7
[36] Humanized Robot Dancing: Humanoid Motion Retargeting based in a Metrical Representation of Human Dance Styles (P. Sousa, J. Oliveira, L. P. Reis, F. Gouyon), In Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2011. [bib] [pdf]
[35] Gimme 'Da Blues: A Jazz/Blues Player and Automatic Comping Generator For iOS Multitouch Devices. (R. Dias, T. Marques, G. Sioros, C. Guedes), In Proceedings of the Simpósio de Informática (INFORUM 2011), 2011. [bib]
[34] Exploiting multidimensional data for web site automation (M. Domingues), In AI Commun., volume 24, 2011. [bib]
[33] A Method for Obtaining Semantic Facets of Music Tags (M. Sordo, F. Gouyon, L. Sarmento), In Workshop on Music Recommendation and Discovery, ACM Conference on Recommender Systems, 2010. [bib] [pdf]
[32] On the Suitability of State-of-the-art Music Information Retrieval Methods for Analyzing, Categorizing and Accessing Non-Western and Ethnic Music Collections (T. Lidy, C. Silla Jr., O. Cornelis, F. Gouyon, A. Rauber, C. Kaestner, A. Koerich), In Signal Processing, volume 90, 2010. [bib] [pdf]
[31] Additional evidence that common low-level features of individual audio frames are not representative of music genres (G. Marques, M. Lopes, M. Sordo, T. Langlois, F. Gouyon), In Sound and Music Computing Conference, 2010. [bib] [pdf]
[30] IBT: A Real-Time Tempo and Beat Tracking System (J. Oliveira, F. Gouyon, L. G. Martins, L. P. Reis), In International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, 2010. [bib] [pdf]
[29] Synthesis of Dancing Motions Based on a Compact Topological Representation of Dance Styles (J. Oliveira, L. Naveda, F. Gouyon, M. Leman, L. P. Reis), In Workshop on Robots and Musical Expressions, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2010. [bib] [pdf]
[28] Selection of Training Instances for Music Genre Classification (M. Lopes, F. Gouyon, A. Koerich, L. Oliveira), In International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2010. [bib] [pdf]
[27] Modeling Musical Structure from the Audience: Emergent Rhythmic Models from Spontaneous Vocalizations in Samba Culture (L. Naveda, F. Gouyon, M. Leman), 2010. [bib] [pdf]
[26] A Real-Time Human Body Skeletonization Algorithm For MAX/MSP/JITTER (A. Baltazar, C. Guedes, B. Pennycook, F. Gouyon), In International Computer Music Conference, 2010. [bib] [pdf]
[25] Reflections on music programming for conferences: The case of SMC 2009 (C. Guedes, P. Rebelo), In Computer Music Journal, MIT Press, volume 34, 2010. [bib] [pdf] [doi]
[24] Style Emulation of Drum Patterns by Means of Evolutionary Methods and Statistical Analysis (G. Bernardes, C. Guedes, B. Pennycook), In Proceedings of the Sound and Music Computing Conference, 2010. [bib] [pdf]
[23] Musical Groove is Correlated With Properties of the Audio Signal as Revealed by Computational Modelling, Depending on Musical Style. (G. Madison, F. Gouyon, F. Ullén), In Sound and Music Computing Conference, 2009. [bib] [pdf]
[22] Multidimensional microtiming in Samba music (L. Naveda, F. Gouyon, C. Guedes, M. Leman), In Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music, 2009. [bib] [pdf]
[21] Towards Human-Machine Sonic Interactions: Mapping Human Dance Gestures onto Robots (J. Oliveira, L. Naveda, F. Gouyon, L. P. Reis), In International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology (SysMus), 2009. [bib]
[20] Maze Solving with Enhanced Map Representation (J. Oliveira, J. Certo, L. P. Reis), In Robotica, Conference on Autonomous Robot Systems and Competitions, 2009. [bib]
[19] Staff Detection with Stable Paths (J. S. Cardoso, A. Capela, A. Rebelo, C. Guedes, J. F. Pinto da Costa), In IEEE Transactions Pattern Analysis Machine Intelligence, IEEE, volume 31, 2009. [bib] [pdf]
[18] RAMA: An Interactive Artist Network Visualization Tool (D. Costa, F. Gouyon, L. Sarmento), 2009. [bib] [pdf]
[17] Visualizing Networks of Music Artists with RAMA (L. Sarmento, F. Gouyon, B. Costa, E. Oliveira), In International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, 2009. [bib] [pdf]
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