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IBT (INESC Porto Beat Tracking software) A real-time system for tempo induction and beat tracking of music audio signals written in C++ and part of the free MARSYAS framework (see IBT documentation). Here is a scientific paper explaining the software. Binaries (command line) Linux 32-bit: ibt-1.0-i686-linux.tar MacOSX 32-bit: ibt-1.0-osx32.tar MacOSX 64-bit: ibt-1.0-osx64.tar Win 32-bit: ibt-1.0-win32 Win 64-bit: ibt-1.0-win64 Source: ibt-1.0-src Max/MSP audio beat tracking external MacOSX 32-bit: ibt~_v1.0-osx.tar […]

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