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Participate in the Research Topic on “Functions of Musical Rhythm”, Frontiers in Psychology

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In collaboration with Frontiers in Psychology, we are organizing a Research Topic titled “Functions of musical rhythm”, hosted by Guy Madison, Jessica Grahn, Sofia Dahl, and Fabien Gouyon. As host editor, I would like to encourage you to contribute to this topic.

Frontiers, a Swiss open-access publisher, recently partnered with Nature Publishing Group to expand its researcher-driven Open Science platform. Frontiers articles are rigorously peer-reviewed, can be disseminated freely and are widely read by your colleagues and by the broader scientific and medical research communities.

The idea behind a research topic is to create an organized, comprehensive collection of several contributions, as well as a forum for discussion and debate. Contributions can be articles describing original research, methods, hypothesis & theory, opinions, etc.

We have created a homepage on the Frontiers website (section “Frontiers in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience”) where all articles will appear after peer-review and where participants in the topic will be able to hold relevant discussions:


Deadline for abstract submission: 30 Jan 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 28 Apr 2014

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